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About Us

Crafted in passion. Created with purpose.

SamaYe was founded to create simple and sustainable bags that are convenient and easy to use. With a focus on making daily, casual life and travel more comfortable, we have created a line of beautiful and convenient bags with exceptional quality yet at a fair price. We cherish quality, craftsmanship, and originality, and we exist to inspire confidence and self-expression in everyone. We provide you with the color and choice so that you have the freedom to go where you want to be.

Why we created SamaYe?

We are a customer-focused company dedicated to bringing you premium quality, original-design bags that you’ll love to use. Our team has over 30 years of experience producing for a similar market. However, SamaYe brings something different, something unique. After extensive market research, we learned what women lack from the bags already on the market. We were determined to create the ultimate solution to your specific needs. Each of our designs focuses on a range of compartments, long-term quality, functionality, and of course, plenty of pocket space. With SamaYe bags, you will be able to keep your life organized but remain stylish at the same time. We are consistently working to extend our range of products to suit all tastes, from color range to style options - we ensure there is something for everyone. When you reach for your SamaYe bag, we want you to be able to express yourself, feeling confident and inspired in all of your daily activities with Minooy by your side.

How do we do it?

We know that no matter who you are or what you do, there is always room for a bit of luxury and convenience in your day-to-day life. We bring this idea to life through the products we curate with your comfort in mind. Unlike any other brand, each week, we release an exclusive design from our talented designers so that you always have a new option to choose from when you visit our store. Our customers come back to us repeatedly because they know they can rely on our quality and craftsmanship with each purchase. This attention to detail is what sets us ahead of the competition. You can buy from us, safe in the knowledge that we’ve checked and approved each creation before it leaves our workshop, as it sets out on its journey to be delivered to you. Shop now to experience it for yourself.